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What FCSA does

FCSA’s aim is to ensure all parties in the supply chain – especially those served by FCSA members – can expect the highest levels of compliance, transparency, and reliability. We hold our members to the highest standards of compliance in the industry, which drives market reputation and benefits workers. 

We rigorously assess FCSA members to ensure they meet our standards. We nurture understanding of the complex issues and work with a broad range of stakeholders to improve the overall landscape.

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FCSA Members are fully compliant with our Codes of Compliance which assesses against both tax and employment law. We use independent assessors to add assurance. 


Now is a great time to join FCSA.

FCSA Accreditation and our comprehensive assessments are recognised as market leading.

Who is FCSA for

We believe that our community should act with the utmost integrity and transparency and use their skills and experience to provide the very best service to the whole sector.

  • Umbrellas and accountancies can join as members 
  • Recruiter Partners can sign up to our good practice charter
  • Client Partners also have their own good practice charter 





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Views, opinions and updates from FCSA’s CEO. Mostly on the industry, but sometimes a little off-piste.


Contributions from providers, partners, friends and occasional guests of FCSA.

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FCSA accreditation is recognised as the industry’s compliance gold standard. It is rigorous and stringent and annual assessments are carried out independently by nationally renowned professional service firms.

 Accreditation is awarded to umbrella employers, limited company advisors, and self-employed/CIS contractor providers who can demonstrate the highest industry standards.

As a service provider, accreditation will provide assurance to agencies, end hirers, and contractors that your business is fully compliant and transparent.

For recruitment agencies, accreditation removes the time, complexity, and cost of implementing a robust preferred suppliers list.

For end hirers, ensuring that your contingent workforce uses an accredited professional employment service provider helps to mitigate risk and ensures your supply chain is as robust as it can be.