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A rising tide lifts all boats

Our accreditation program is like a rising tide: it lifts all boats. By setting the industry standard in our Code and Charter, which we expect all of our accredited members to adhere to, we can elevate the standards in the entire sector, resulting in benefits for all parties involved, such as contractors, clients, the supply chain, and the economy of the UK as a whole.

The Code covers a wide range of areas, including tax, employment law, and financial management. By requiring our members to meet these standards, we help ensure that contractors are treated fairly, and members comply with the law and best practices. This also encourages others in the industry to raise their standards. 

We also offer a number of other resources to our members, such as training courses, webinars, and access to a network of experts. This support helps members to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and to improve their business practices.

Although we’ve achieved a certain level of success, we’re not complacent. We’re continuously exploring ways to enhance our accreditation program and elevate standards to a higher level. Additionally, by working across the whole industry and in partnership with stakeholders from the entire sector, we aim to promote best practice and raise the standards for everyone.  We encourage more organisations to join us in our mission.

If your business offers Umbrella, CIS/Self-Employed, LtdCo Accountancy, or PEO services, consider joining FCSA as an accredited member.. By doing so, you can help to raise standards in the sector and protect yourself and your contractors from potential risks. And you’ll be part of a community of like-minded professional companies who are committed to excellence.

The freelance and contractor sector is a vital part of the UK economy, and it’s important that we raise standards across the board. Our accreditation program is a key way in which we’re doing this.

We’re not just raising standards, we’re raising the bar. We’re committed to making the freelance and contractor sector the best it can be.

Chris Bryce, FCSA Chief Executive