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On September 30th 2018, the FCSA discontinued its associate membership and now only has one category of membership, that of FCSA Accredited Member.

Click here to read our announcement regarding this change to our membership structure.

About FCSA Accreditation

FCSA Accredited Members are rightly proud of being able to demonstrate the highest standard of compliance in the professional employment services sector.

Our Accredited Members have been independently audited by leading accountancy and legal professionals to confirm that they adhere to the rigorous FCSA Code of Compliance. A copy of the audit report is also sent to HMRC for absolute transparency.

This stringent test of their business operations is a clear commercial differentiator for umbrella companies, contractor accountants and CIS payroll providers, and minimises the risk for your customers.

It is the only compliance standard recognised and endorsed by all of the UK’s leading recruitment bodies, including REC, APSCo and TEAM.

FCSA Accredited Members are identifiable by an orange crest logo.

Check that your preferred suppliers are FCSA Accredited

Recruitment agencies are advised to check that a service provider is FCSA Accredited when reviewing their preferred suppliers list. 

Visit our Directory of Members to check they’re Accredited.