Further update on recent Code changes

Following the various news items and social media posts about recent updates to the FCSA Codes, many of which mischaracterise events or draw incorrect conclusions, FCSA wish to set the record straight. Following standard practices, FCSA issued draft Codes for review by members.  Many members commented on the proposed changes, amongst which was a strengthened […]

HMRC names another tax-avoidance schemester


HMRC names Peak PAYE Ltd as a tax avoidance promoter and urges individuals to withdraw from using it. Another tax avoidance scheme has been exposed by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) today (8 June 2022), to help ensure customers do not end up with large tax bills. Individuals using a tax avoidance scheme provided by […]

Avoid ending up in a tax fraud scam

Avoid being caught in a tax scam

Avoid being caught in a tax scam. You may have read in the press and on the FCSA website about clones and some of the crazy offers made to workers to entice them to sign up as umbrella employees. These clones look professional – they have great websites and their marketing and contract documents look […]

When does the KID need to be amended?

Written by Brabners LLP  Key Information Documents It has been almost 2 years since the requirement to produce Key Information Documents (KIDs) was introduced on 6 April 2020. Here’s a reminder of who has responsibility for preparing a KID, what information it needs to include and when it has to be updated. KID – why […]

NAO Report on Off-Payroll in the Public Sector

Read FCSA’s analysis of the NAO report on the 2017 reforms The National Audit Office has released its report on the 2017 reforms to off-payroll working in the public sector, and it makes for interesting reading. Identifying some issues and making recommendations for improvement. FCSA members will of course be aware of the changes introduced […]

Umbrella workers’ NIC increase is almost double regular workers

As we all know the Chancellor has imposed an increase in both employers’ and employees’ National Insurance Contributions (NICs) to take effect from April 6th 2022. The increase being imposed is 1.25 percentage points meaning the actual rise is about 9% for employers and 10% for employees. For some time, most freelancers working for end clients […]

Smith wins against Pimlico Plumbers

The Court of Appeal has ruled on the long-running Smith vs Pimlico Plumbers case and overturned the decisions in lower courts to force Pimlico Plumbers to compensate Smith for previously unpaid annual leave.