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Calling all contractors – now is the time to influence your new MP

We need your help!  There are political discussions taking place regarding the future of tax deductible travel and subsistence expenses for contractors and self-employed.  In particular, HMRC are considering proposals that will target people working through personal service companies and umbrella firms.

We believe this is fundamentally wrong as it penalises the flexible workforce, effectively reducing income for the many thousands of individuals choosing to work in this way.

The general election gives us an opportunity to influence the political agenda by writing to your local MP, particularly if it is someone newly elected to your constituency.  We need your help to get our message out.


It’s 2 easy steps:


1)  Find your local MP using your postcode online here:

2)  Email or write a letter to your MP

By supporting our campaign you WILL make a difference.


Thank you and good luck!