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Churchill Knight Group Achieves FCSA Accreditation

Churchill Knight

We’re pleased to announce that Churchill Knight and associated companies have achieved FCSA Accreditation for their umbrella employment, contractor accountancy and CIS payroll services.

To become accredited, Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd – Churchill Knight Umbrella, Umbrella Company UK and Bluebird Accountancy – have undergone a rigorous assessment of their business services, operations, policies and processes by independent, regulated assessors to ensure adherence to the FCSA’s stringent compliance standards.

Founded in 1998, Churchill Knight’s purpose is to help independent professionals succeed by providing specialised and tailored accounting and payroll services. They pride themselves in maintaining the human aspect of accounting whilst providing clients with a high-end, high-tech service unrivalled by online accounting software providers. Their contractor accountancy service provides independent professionals with expert and specialist tailored payroll solutions.

Tom Edwards, Operations Director at Churchill Knight, said:

“I am delighted to have received confirmation that Churchill Knight and our associated companies are now Accredited Members of the FCSA. Since Churchill Knight was launched in 1998, one of our priorities has always been to provide a compliant service to our clients. Now that we have achieved FCSA Accreditation, there is no better way to demonstrate our commitment to compliance within the industry.

“There is no question that agencies are tightening up their supply chains, especially since off-payroll legislation was introduced. As a result, the FCSA has grown in stature and official accreditation is now seen as a minimum-criteria for compliant contractor accountants and umbrella companies in the UK.

“Now that Churchill Knight & Associates Ltd, Churchill Knight Umbrella, Umbrella Company UK and Bluebird Accountancy all have the coveted accreditation, I am certain this will help us build new long-standing relationships with a number of leading staffing organisations who are just as committed to compliance as we are,” added Tom.

Congratulating Churchill Knight and associated companies on achieving accreditation, FCSA Chief Executive, Julia Kermode said:

“Congratulations to everyone at the Churchill Knight Group on achieving FCSA Accreditation. Passing the rigorous assessment to become an Accredited Member is not easy and therefore testament to their hard work and commitment. Any recruitment agency or contractor looking to engage them can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

“As Tom mentions, FCSA Accreditation is recognised as the UK’s industry compliance gold standard and increasingly sought after as a pre-requisite for recruitment agencies, end-clients and contractors when engaging the services of professional employment service providers.”

For more information about the Churchill Knight Group, visit our Directory of Accredited Members.