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Claims for SEISS received from 70% of entitled population

As at the end of May 2020, HMRC had received claims from 2.4m self-employed workers – 70% of the number that HMRC believes is eligible to access the scheme.

Figure 1. SEISS claims, as at 31 May 2020

Source: FCSA analysis of HMRC data

Regionally, there was some limited variation in the proportion of entitled workers claiming, ranging from 67% in London to 73% in both Wales and Northern Ireland. The average value of claims was highest in the South East & East of England (both £3,200) and lowest in the North East (£2,600).

The number of claimants continues to increase; by 14 June 2020, the number had reached 2.6m, with the total value of claims reading £7.6bn.