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Empowering Apprenticeships: Introducing FCSA’s New Apprenticeship Levy Network

Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA) is excited to unveil a game-changing initiative that’s set to make a significant impact on access to apprenticeships in the UK. Our brand-new Apprenticeship Levy Network is here, offering umbrella companies and other large organisations the opportunity to pledge up to 25% of their Apprenticeship Levy funds to support and fund apprenticeships for others. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to use their unused levy funds before HMRC absorbs them. Interested in participating? You can register here.


Harnessing the Apprenticeship Levy for Positive Change

The Lowdown on the Levy Scheme

The Apprenticeship Levy Share Scheme is a government-backed program that empowers large employers to share a portion of their untapped levy funds with other businesses. This initiative can be a game-changer for smaller enterprises, enabling them to embrace apprenticeships and invest in their workforce’s growth and development.

Opening Doors to Opportunity

By participating in the Apprenticeship Levy Share Scheme, businesses can play a vital role in shaping the future of the UK’s workforce. As surplus levy funds accumulate within our network, they can be redirected to smaller enterprises eager to take on apprentices. This not only levels the playing field but also provides equal opportunities for skill development and career advancement.

Simplified Process

Getting involved as a donor is a straightforward

  • Identify Eligible Businesses: The apprenticeship service website lists eligible businesses looking for support.
  • Application and Approval: Once you receive an application for funds, the approval process is straightforward.
  • Empowering Apprentices: 100% of the course cost is ringfenced for the training provider, without the need for the receiving organisation to fund the usual 5%.

Benefits in a Nutshell

  • Creating a Skilled Workforce: Your participation contributes to the development of a highly skilled workforce, strengthening your industry and the UK’s future.
  • Levelling the Playing Field: Support smaller businesses in accessing apprenticeship opportunities, promoting equitable growth.
  • Community Impact: Give back to your community by enabling individuals to embark on meaningful career journeys.
  • Future-Proofing the Economy: Investing in apprenticeships today is an investment in a stronger, more prosperous UK economy tomorrow.

Visit the FCSA Levy Network site here: