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Ensuring that your agency partners only work with FCSA accredited service providers removes the complexity, time, and cost of managing compliance risk associated with the engagement of flexible labour.


FCSA Accreditation is recognised as the industry’s compliance gold standard. Accreditation is awarded to umbrella employers, limited company advisors, and self-employed and CIS contractor providers who can demonstrate the highest industry compliance standards.


Every FCSA Accredited Member undergoes a rigorous annual assessment against our Codes of Compliance. The FCSA assessment is recognised as the most stringent testing in the industry by independent, regulated assessors and at no cost to your supply chain.


As an end hirer of contractors and freelancers, this will provide you with the assurance that your supply chain is as robust as it can be. Peace of mind that any FCSA Accredited Member operates at the highest industry standards for your benefit and protection. Reduced risks and increased value to your organisation.

FCSA Codes of Compliance

The FCSA operates a best practice Codes of Compliance designed to ensure that its Accredited Members provide services, advice, and employment to the highest level of professional and ethical standards in the UK.

The FCSA Codes of Compliance provides complete peace of mind to recruiters when selecting umbrella employers, limited company advisors, and self-employed and CIS contractor providers for their preferred supplier list for the following reasons:

• The FCSA Codes of Compliance has been developed by Ernst & Young, in consultation with HMRC, and is available to the public on the FCSA website.
• All FCSA Accredited Members are tested annually against the FCSA Codes of Compliance by independent, carefully selected assessors.
• The assessors are top-tier regulated accountants and solicitors bound by their own professional standards and code of conduct and are independent of the FCSA.
• The assessors are experts in the sector and are carefully selected by the FCSA.
• The FCSA Codes of Compliance is continually updated to reflect current legislation.
• Non-compliance by FCSA Accredited Members results in the suspension or termination of FCSA Accredited Membership.

Why choose FCSA Accredited Members?

• Low risk, trusted, independently vetted supply chain partners.
• Demonstrably the highest compliance standards within the industry.
• Proven track record in the provision of high-quality services and support to workers.
• Access to the top industry experts and advisors.
• The only compliance standard recognised and endorsed by all of the UK’s leading recruitment bodies, including REC, APSCo, and TEAM.

Find an Accredited Member

If you are looking for a compiant service provider for your contingent workforce, check they’re FCSA Accredited.