FCSA Accreditation: readymade supply chain compliance

Ensuring that your agency partners only work with FCSA Accredited service providers removes the complexity, time and cost of managing compliance risk associated with the engagement of flexible labour.

Every FCSA Accredited Member undergoes a rigorous annual assessment. The FCSA assessment is recognised as the most stringent testing in the industry by independent, regulated assessors, and at no cost to your supply chain.

The result? Assurance that your supply chain is as robust as it can be. Peace of mind that any FCSA Accredited Member operates at the highest industry standards for your benefit and protection. Reduced risks and increased value to your organisation.

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Why trusted Preferred Supplier Lists are critical

As end hirers and recruitment agencies face ever-increasing pressure to conduct their business responsibly and compliantly, a reliable preferred supplier list made up of FCSA Accredited Members can offer:

Ensuring your supply chain develops a compliant and dependable PSL of service providers is no small challenge. Regulations governing the sector and supply chain are complex and ever-changing. Distinguishing between organisations that pay lip-service to compliance, and those that are fully committed is difficult, costly, and time-consuming. Getting it wrong can now carry serious implications for end.  hirers.

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What makes the FCSA Accredited Membership unique?

1. FCSA Accredited Members are assessed against published Codes of Compliance, produced by our advisors, Ernst & Young, in consultation with HMRC.

The FCSA Codes of Compliance, published on the FCSA website, is the most stringent and comprehensive compliance codes in the industry. It includes sections on:

      • Governance, corporate structure and financial stability checks
      • Relationship with agency
      • Relationship with contractor
      • Umbrella employment operations
      • Accountancy support operations
      • Self-employment operations
      • Required documentation and evidence

Importantly, no FCSA Accredited Member is allowed to operate Offshore Schemes, Loan Schemes, Trusts, Managed Services Companies Schemes, Pay-day-by-Pay models, Hybrid, Mini Umbrella Companies (MUCs), Elected Deduction Model, or similar.


2. Every FCSA assessor is a regulated firm independent of the FCSA

FCSA assessors are appointed to the assessment panel based on a strict selection process. This is to guarantee their independence, understanding of the sector and alignment with the FCSA’s mission to raise compliance standards across the UK recruitment supply chain. They are regulated independent firms contracted directly with the FCSA and not with any prospective or present FCSA Accredited Member. FCSA assessors are experts in the industry.

FCSA assessors currently include:




Ernst & Young

Saffery Champness


Ernst & Young

JMW Solicitor


3. Audit reviews for FCSA Accredited Membership are rigorous and ongoing

To achieve FCSA Accredited Member status, firms undergo a rigorous compliance audit against the FCSA Codes of Compliance. This is conducted on an annual basis by regulated accountants and/or solicitors. Documentation and supporting evidence is submitted in advance of the review, alongside in-depth site visits and desk reviews as required. Firms that do not reach the required compliance standards within the allotted timescale are suspended until full compliance is achieved.


4. FCSA Accredited Membership represents the pinnacle of supply chain compliance

FCSA Accredited Member status is widely recognised as the industry’s compliance gold standard for umbrella employers, limited company advisors, and self-employed and CIS contractor providers. It is the only accreditation standard recognised and endorsed by all of the UK’s leading recruitment industry bodies, including REC, APSCo and TEAM.


We are actively promoting supply chain due diligence with managed service providers, commercial hirers and public sector bodies.

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