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Everything You Need To Know About Freelancing

The freelancing community continues to grow and grow. These days it seems that it’s possible to freelance in virtually all sectors and industries in one way or another. This is obviously fantastic news and it’s great to know that where there’s the will, there is a way.

But whether you are contemplating a move into freelancing, just dipping your toes into the water, or well on the way to establishing your freelancing career, one thing is common. Regardless of the sector or the skills you specialise in – the issues, questions and concerns that freelancers face are much the same.

Whether you’re wondering How to handle late payers or What to do when you are asked to do something out of your skill range, Network Freelance have the answers for you.

Here, we share just TEN of our freelancing tips that aren’t to be missed when starting out.

  1. Getting the ‘urgency/impact’ balance right.
  2. Not to work longer, but to work smarter.
  3. Small talk can mean big business.
  4. Freelance is a business AND a brand.
  5. Keep Nurturing Existing Relationships.
  6. You must have the will to work HARD.
  7. Expand your offering and create partnerships.
  8. Market your business in as many ways as you can.
  9. Create your survival budget.
  10. Seek out the clients that won’t pay before it’s too late.

Each of our pointers above all have their own related articles on the Network Freelance website.

Of course, living in the digital age, we’re literally a quick internet search and a few clicks away from getting all the advice under the sun on pretty much every subject imaginable. But it’s always nice to have all the tips and advice you could need under one roof, so to speak. And as a virtual one-stop shops go, a very good place to visit is Network Freelance.

Network Freelance Blog

For free tips and advice about all things freelance, Network Freelance’s blog is a veritable goldmine of information. From the basics of what the differences between freelancing and employment are and how to get into freelancing, to how to manage your time effectively and how to become the very best freelancer you can be, you’ll find it all on this regularly updated blog.

In-house experts and guest bloggers wax lyrical on all the issues that worry, or just interest, freelancers. We’re just scratching the surface here, but recent blogs include Cough it up: How to handle late payers, offering great advice for a problem that, sadly, affects all freelancers at some point – the problem of the client that doesn’t pay up on time; Freelancers: This is how you can switch off!, gives some great tips about how you can prevent freelancing completely taking over your life and becoming a 24/7 existence; and Sole Trader Top 10 expense claims gives helpful hints about one of the most daunting aspects of freelancing – keeping your accounts in order and the taxman happy! This blog unpicks just what is and what isn’t tax deductible.

The Network Freelance blog is a great source of advice and information. From accounting tips and ideas about how to run your business to guidance about getting the work/life balance right to insights and opinion about the current issues of the day affecting freelancers, such as Brexit, it’s all there on the blog.


Network Freelance Community

There’s a real sense of community around the blog. The comments section is rich with ideas, and feedback and guest bloggers are welcomed. But Network Freelance is more than just a blog. For those looking to hire, it offers the facility to post projects. For those looking to work, creating a profile is easy.

But it’s much more than a just digital work platform as well. We’re back to that all-important word again, community. The blog is designed for freelancers to interact and communicate with each other. With access to 200,000+ freelancers, contractors, et al, Network Freelance also has an impressive range of affiliates – and that means various services and businesses that freelancers can genuinely benefit from.

Registering is simple. Two subscription packages are available to suit your needs and both come with extra benefits. So, for more information, visit Network Freelance.


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