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Exposed: the mass cloning of limited companies by fraudsters – and Companies House won’t do anything about it

The Mirror has launched an investigation into the way Companies House verifies the details of new companies after a spate of ‘clone firms’ have hit the high street.

The newly incorporated companies often have nearly identical names to the real firms they are impersonating.

One FCSA member, Clarity Umbrella Limited based in Ipswich, was an unfortunate target of this scam with ‘Clarity Umbrela Limited’ and ‘Clarity Umbrella PAYE Limited’ being created, to use the good reputation of the real and compliant company.

Often these clone businesses use tax avoidance schemes to lure in unsuspecting contractors with a higher take home than the real companies. They do this while using VAT certificates, business insurance certificates and PAYE reference numbers of the real accredited businesses making it nearly impossible for the contractor to know who they are really dealing with.

FCSA Chief Executive, Chris Bryce, was approached for comment on the matter.

You can read the whole article HERE