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Applying for a Membership

How long does it take to become an accredited member?

The time frame varies from company to company. It is very much dependent upon the current level of adherence to the codes and the quality of the submission pack to the Assessors. The Due Diligence check can take up to 2 weeks, then after engagement with the Assessors, the response rate between the applicant Member and Assessor will dictate the length of the process. From submitting the Due Diligence check information, the application should be completed within one year from the commencement of the Due Diligence check. If the assessment process goes beyond this date, there is a requirement to resubmit the Fit & Proper Persons forms, as these are annual checks performed by FCSA. Evidence collected by the Assessors may have expired, resulting in further work and Assessor costs.

When does the Assessor become engaged?

Upon successful competition of the Due Diligence check, an invoice will be raised for the Assessment fee. Once this has been paid, FCSA will engage an Assessor as chosen by us. The Assessor will then get in touch with your chosen point of contact to explain the next steps in the assessment process.

Can an applicant member join FCSA with less than two years of successful trading?

No, use the codes as a framework to ensure compliance when two years are achieved.

To proceed, we require audited accounts, and our code operates on a ‘prove it’ basis. You must have been trading for more than a year to pass the AWR checks. Additionally, we need to review your leaver processes, specifically looking at those who have left over the past two years.

Can an applicant member join FCSA with less than 75 contractors in the service seeking accreditation? 

No. To obtain a wide enough range for the assessment, we need 75 samples. These samples must be diverse and capable of providing evidence for all aspects of the code.

Why are audited accounts required?

To show stability in your supply chain and confirm that you are not a micro umbrella company (MUC), audited accounts are necessary for review by auditors. While not always legally required, the FCSA demands this higher standard. Having audited accounts also demonstrates your commitment to compliance, and financial stability, and addresses any concerns assessors raise. This ensures that all money is accurately accounted for, reflecting your dedication to financial responsibility.

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