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FCSA Announces Mitigo As Cyber Risk Management Partner


The Freelance & Contractor Services Association is delighted to announce details of its new strategic partnership with cyber security experts Mitigo, which will support the FCSA’s umbrella members in bolstering defences against cyber-attacks and business disruption.

Following increased cyber risks and attacks within the UK business community, the offer will provide FCSA members with expert advice and guidance on how best to navigate and mitigate cyber risk.

As the leading professional membership organisation for the temporary labour market, the move from the FCSA comes in response to increased risks of cybercrime across the UK’s business community.

Data suggests cybercrime has cost UK businesses an estimated £34 billion in revenue and intellectual property losses and increased spending on technology. Mimecast (2021) data shows an average ransom payment of £628,606, and Coveware (2021) data shows an average of 21 days downtime for a ransomware attack.

FCSA will leverage Mitigo’s expertise and experience in professional services, with a programme specifically adapted to support FCSA member requirements.  

Chris Bryce, Chief Executive Officer of the FCSA, said: “Managing cyber risk is a critical element of senior management responsibility in any sector, with the potential for catastrophic consequences on business continuity if left unchecked.

“An attack can bring a business to a complete standstill, with company and client data and systems being encrypted, resulting in an inability to process any payments. Not to mention heavy ransom demands.

“To mitigate risk, we advise members should undertake comprehensive and regular reviews of their system security and safeguarding of personal data and take full advantage of this strategic partnership with Mitigo to help keep themselves safe.

“To further improve the protections UK industries have in place against emerging cyber threats, we also believe the public and private sectors need to work in closer alignment, and additional engagement and guidance from official cyber sources such as the NCSC and GCHQ would be welcomed by the business community.”

Lindsay Hill, Chief Executive of Mitigo, said: “For umbrella companies, cybersecurity is now the biggest threat to their business and operational resilience.

“Across all industries, we’ve seen ransomware attacks with the potential to cause mayhem and destroy business relationships, and this topic should be right at the top of every business’ risk register. We look forward to working with the FCSA to provide their members with a reliable, specialist cyber risk management service.”

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