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FCSA calls on UCATT’s construction workers to say no to industrial action

FCSA has learned that UCATT is encouraging its construction workers to take direct action in protest against umbrella firms and is calling for UCATT to reconsider its position, and meet up with FCSA to understand how compliant umbrellas work and the benefits they bring to contractors.  FCSA has requested meetings with UCATT time and time again as UCATT continues to pedal false propaganda and paint an unfair picture of umbrella firms.

FCSA’s CEO Julia Kermode said: “For some time now umbrella employment has been at the heart of UCATT’s campaign as it resolves to rid the industry of all umbrella firms and this latest move to go on strike is damaging for the construction industry at a time of economic uncertainty.  As the largest independent trade body committed to setting standards for umbrella employers we want to rid the industry of any cowboys who give umbrellas a bad name but striking is not the answer.

“Most of us in our sector know that umbrella employment is a positive choice for many contractors, it provides all statutory benefits of permanent employment whilst enabling the individual to fulfil a series of contract positions and have their affairs managed centrally.  It is concerning that benefits of umbrella employment are constantly overlooked in some of the lobbying and media reports, and it is important that this balance is redressed so that the whole sector is not unfairly targeted.

“The simple fact is that without umbrella firms many construction workers would be worse off.  Once again I would like to publicly state that I am keen to open up talks with UCATT, which clearly has some misconceptions about the role of umbrella employers.  Communication between all parties needs to be improved in an effort to put an end to any planned strike action.”