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FCSA collaboration showcases umbrella employment at House of Commons


Representatives from a collaboration of 38 companies, employing approximately 90,000 contingent workers, today visited the House of Commons to showcase the benefits of umbrella employment to Parliamentarians.  Constituency MPs and members of the Freelance All-Party Group, Business and Treasury Committees were all invited to attend the informal forum to learn more about the freelance sector and address some of the common misconceptions about the industry.

Julia Kermode, CEO of the FCSA said: ”Today was an excellent opportunity for companies in our industry to convey the significance of flexible working arrangements to Members of Parliament.  There has been growing concern that the Treasury may rush legislation through in next week’s Budget that will negatively impact some of the 5 million individuals that currently work on a flexible, non-permanent basis for UK plc. Umbrella employment is a positive choice and we hope that today’s productive conversations between MPs and industry representatives will have gone some way to addressing the misconceptions that the Treasury may have about our industry.”