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FCSA comments on Uber tribunal ruling

Today we have learnt the outcome of the Uber tribunal – which concluded that Uber drivers should be classified as “workers” rather than self-employed.  This means they will be entitled to certain statutory rights such as minimum wage.  Uber are likely to appeal the tribunal’s decision.

Commenting on the case, FCSA Chief Executive Julia Kermode said:

“As this case has shown, employment status is complex and it is very important that all employers learn from this case and consider how they engage their workforce.  Uber paves the way for many more tribunals as there are several firms that operate to a similar model with a substantial number of their workforce being self-employed.

“It is the working practices that are the most important determining factors of genuine self-employment, more so than the engagement contract and the Uber case should deter unscrupulous bosses from exploiting their workforce and denying them the benefits rightly due to them if they are actually workers. It is very timely that the Prime Minister has recently appointed Matthew Taylor to review non-standard employment practices but it must be remembered that in the majority of cases the problem is not in how someone is engaged, but how they are treated by business hiring them.

“Today’s verdict is good news for Uber drivers who ought to receive a minimum wage and other statutory rights according to their worker status.  However it won’t be immediate and depends on the appeals process that Uber will no doubt now be pursuing.”