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FCSA initiative launched to give peace of mind to recruiters and their clients

In a move to drive up standards in the supply chain, The Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA) today unveiled a new initiative for recruiters. The FCSA Supply Chain Partnership is a distinctive quality mark for agencies to demonstrate to end-hirers that they are committed to professional and ethical recruitment practices.

Non-compliance within the supply chain, knowingly or unwittingly, can have devastating consequences on recruitment businesses and their clients, so this new initiative is designed to give peace of mind that risk is minimised. The Supply Chain Partnership demonstrates to end-clients that the management of their contingent workforce is in the hands of trusted experts, which is particularly important in the wake of ever-increasing legislation and scrutiny of the sector.

By signing up to the exclusive Supply Chain Partner charter, recruiters will be removing the complexity, time and cost of implementing a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) and be assured that their supply chain is as robust as it can be. Principles within the charter include safeguarding the supply chain and minimising risk, complying with all relevant legislation, treating workers with fairness and transparency, and being ethical in dealing with all parties. All of these are hallmarks of a professional recruitment business, and the initiative demonstrates good recruitment practice to end hirers.

Charlie Cox, Commercial Manager at SThree plc said: “FCSA has an excellent reputation and is well-known and respected for establishing benchmarks and setting best practice standards throughout our industry. Our Approved Supplier List is made up of 5 carefully selected partners, all of whom are accredited by FCSA which gives us confidence that they are genuinely operating compliantly.”

Commenting on the initiative, Julia Kermode, chief executive of FCSA said: “The demand for contingent labour has grown and along with it we have seen a variety of service providers and payment intermediaries springing up. Some of these offer illegal or questionable solutions that may remove workers’ rights and put the workers at significant personal financial risk. In a complex market, the need for intermediaries to be independently tested to prove their compliance has never been greater.

“With increased liability and due diligence responsibilities facing recruiters, careful risk management has become a critical part of day-to-day business. By signing up to FCSA’s Supply Chain Partner Charter recruiters can get on with their jobs of talent management safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with trusted companies.”