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FCSA Levy Network Surpasses £1.2 Million in Pledges Within 24 Hours of Launch!

In a remarkable display of industry support and dedication to the future of apprenticeships and compliance, the FCSA Levy Network has achieved an incredible milestone. Within just 24 hours of its official launch, the network has garnered over £1.2 million in pledges from organisations across the UK. This overwhelming response underscores the significance of the initiative and the commitment of businesses to invest in the growth and development of apprenticeships.

A Transformative Initiative

The FCSA Levy Network represents a groundbreaking approach to apprenticeship funding and Apprenticeship Levy compliance within the industry. Spearheaded by FCSA, with The Manufacturing Institute as the delivery partner, this initiative aims to facilitate collaboration among businesses of all sizes, pooling their apprenticeship levy funds to support the training and development of apprentices across the UK.

Industry-Wide Support

The rapid success of the FCSA Levy Network is a testament to the united front presented by organisations across various sectors, with a majority of pledges from FCSA-Accredited members. These pledges reflect a collective desire to make a substantial impact on the apprenticeship landscape and ensure that young talent receives the necessary support to thrive in their chosen careers.

A Commitment to Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a vital component of the UK’s workforce development, providing individuals with valuable skills and experiences while helping businesses secure the talent they need for the future, whether a new hire or upskilling an existing workforce.. The FCSA Levy Network’s impressive start is a strong indicator of the commitment within the industry to nurture the next generation of professionals.

How to Join and Contribute

As the FCSA Levy Network continues to gather momentum, there’s still ample opportunity for organisations to get involved. Whether you’re an employer looking to pledge part of your apprenticeship levy funds or an apprentice seeking funding for a course, the network offers a platform for collaboration and growth.


To register as a donor or explore apprenticeship opportunities within the FCSA Levy Network, visit Your participation can make a significant difference in shaping the future of apprenticeships and compliance in the UK.

A Bright Future Ahead

The remarkable achievement of surpassing £1.2 million in pledges within just 24 hours is a promising sign of what the FCSA Levy Network can achieve. With continued support and engagement from organisations across the nation, this initiative has the potential to transform apprenticeships, empower young talent, and drive compliance within the industry. Together, we can build a brighter future for apprenticeships in the UK.