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Champion Contractors

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November 30, 2024

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Champion Contractors is fully supported by qualified accountants and certified tax experts. We provide bespoke accountancy, umbrella (employment) and support services for contractors nationwide.


We create client relationships that are rooted in mutual trust. We supply an integrated range of services to support freelance workers in all UK industry sectors; whether they are looking for accountancy services, tax advice or payroll services.


We offer support to freelancers running their own limited companies, self-employed sole traders and contractors choosing to work on an Umbrella basis.


Our clients enjoy a bespoke service, tailored to their specific requirements. We understand the individual needs of our clients and ensure we provide them with the most up to date guidance and advice at all times.


We are a trusted partner of numerous recruitment agencies who specialise in a variety of disciplines. Our strength is our understanding of how recruitment agencies operate, which allows us to add value throughout the supply chain by providing support at all times.


Why choose Champion?


  • Champion has a dedicated team of professional experts who are able to recognise and fulfil the demands of freelance contractors.
  • As part of the Champion group, our clients, employees and partnership recruitment businesses have access to experts in areas such as accounting, taxation, employment law, insurance and wealth management.
  • We help remove the complexity and confusion that can so easily overwhelm clients, making it easier for them to enjoy the financial benefits they have strived so hard to achieve.
  • Champion offer extremely competitive price points. All services are fully inclusive and have no hidden extra charges attached to them.
  • Champion has robust links with selected business partners, adding value to all client relationships.
  • Champion has a network of UK offices.
  • Champion have 110 team members, providing professional services to clients across all UK industry sectors.
  • Champion was established in 1971 and has approaching 50 years’ history providing accountancy and support services.


For further advice, or to speak to one of our dedicated team about how Champion Contractors can help you please call us on 0161 703 2549.


Jim McMeekin