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October 31, 2024

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Cool Company Freelance UK is a Scandinavian-founded umbrella company working to simplify and streamline administration for contractors, providing freedom without the bureaucracy via its dedicated digital platform.

Cool Company is a part of Verdane Capital Holdings and was founded in Sweden in 2009. Since then, Cool Company has expanded to the rest of the Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, and the UK. We work to enable and simplify the working lives of contractors by considering both the individual’s needs and the societal context and development.

For many years, Scandinavian countries have topped global leaderboards when it comes to happy workers, and this is because of the culture that emphasises employee purpose and wellbeing, trust, transparency and equality. Workers feel valued and supported, which empowers them to give their best – for the company, for clients and for customers alike. The Scandinavian way of working is an approach and perspective on work that we carry with us, regardless of which country we work in. We are convinced that it benefits the company, the employees, and, not least, the contractors we work with 

As a Scandinavian company, our heart beats a little extra for technology and we have over the years developed and adapted our platform to be the user-friendly tool that saves time and reduces stress for both contractors, clients, and agencies. Quick registration, smooth onboarding within minutes and ability to track assignments effortless are just some of the factors that make people choose us and continue working with us. 

In addition to a great work culture, relationships, and a modern technical platform, compliance is, of course, at the core. Cool Company is one of the UK’s most trusted umbrella companies providing contractor compliance management services to their clients. This gives a full assurance that contractors are complying with all legal requirements set by the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Some of our benefits

  • Same day payments
  • Consolidated invoicing 
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Advanced facility 
  • User-friendly platform
    Access to payslips and pension information 24/7