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Sapphire Contracting

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August 31, 2024

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CIS/Self-Employed | LtdCo Accountancy | Umbrella

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Ltd Co

Sapphire prides itself on providing unrivalled customer service and employee support to workers and recruitment agencies in the temporary labour market. With our specifically tailored range of Employed and Self-Employed solutions, we are here to reduce the burden of working on and between temporary assignments and provide a level of security, benefits and reassurances whilst getting on with everyday life. Our mission is to build a flexible working world for our people.


Sapphire’s Accountancy service is specifically designed to match the needs of freelancers and SME owners to run and grow their businesses, providing the right mix of care, compliance and support for each client. We offer a range of services to suit the different requirements of each business and always operate in a way which works best for the client.


Why Sapphire?


Care – We understand that money and finances keep our world ticking. So paying our employees and subcontractors on time and accurately is our number one priority and something we have built our reputation around. Providing timely information to our clients and consistently exceeding expectations has seen us organically grow our reputation.


Compliance – Our team of experts are all aware of the challenges facing temporary workers and the need to remain compliant with current legislation is key. We view every change as an opportunity to pro-actively keep our customers, employees and clients up to date with changes which may impact them and their businesses.


Partnership – We are more than just an Accountancy, Payroll and Employment services provider. We view ourselves as an extension to the people and businesses we engage with, providing all of the support required in a two-way relationship.


Support – Everyone is different, and we completely understand this! We are flexible in our approach and can adapt and tailor our support to suit every circumstance. We pride ourselves on removing the burden from customers, employees and clients so they can concentrate on what is important to them.