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FCSA outlines importance of contingent workers as labour market figures released


ONS Labour market figures out today show that the UK workforce has increased due to an upsurge in self-employment and temporary workers.  20,000 more people are choosing to work self-employed, plus 28,000 more are working on a temporary basis.  The figures are based on a comparison between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016.

Commenting on today’s employment figures, Julia Kermode, CEO of FCSA said: “Today’s figures clearly demonstrate just how important the flexible workforce is to UK plc.  With the uncertainty around the EU referendum companies seem to be turning to temporary workers for help and true to form, the flexible workforce is keeping the economy running.

“The dynamics of work are clearly changing so it is more important than ever that the Government acknowledges these trends and works harder at supporting this flexible contingent group of workers rather than penalising them with unhelpful and prohibitive legislation.  This sizeable and strategically important group of workers contribute hugely to the UK economy and should be recognised and valued.”