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FCSA partners with SAFERjobs to help prevent more job scams

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) is lending its support to the SAFERjobs campaign to help clamp down and stamp out job scamming in its mission to promote job seeker safety.

The average job scam cost job seekers £4000 in 2014 with common scams starting at as little as £10 and those looking to secure £100 being the most successful.  The 2014 statistics also revealed that the most vulnerable target group is in the 18-25 age range.

Julia Kermode, CEO of FCSA said: “SAFERjobs does an excellent job in providing advice to thousands of job seekers a month and the FCSA is delighted to play its part in helping to share that advice with our members, the contractors and freelancers they work with as well as recruiters and alert them to the job scamming that is still happening.”

Keith Rosser, Chair at SAFERjobs, which works closely with The Metropolitan Police, added: “Job scams are not restricted to the recruitment industry; they occur wherever there is a job seeker and the promise of a job.  Using a reputable company within the recruitment industry actually lowers the chances of a job scam.  The fake job covers everything from entry level work to six figure salary finance role and everything in between.  And, nearly all job scams involves online technology where so much job hunting is now done.  Virtual online fraud is a growth area creating multiple opportunities for the fraudster to commit crime.  Fraudsters fake jobs for many reasons; for example, to gain financial reward by tricking job seekers to part with cash upfront or to steal people’s personal information.  Any channel that we can partner with to continue to educate everyone about job scams is welcome and I am pleased that FCSA is happy to help us in our mission.”