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FCSA responds to inaccurate report in The Mirror

Mark Ellis is right to report in The Mirror (6th April 2016 “New stealth tax to hit pockets of hundreds of thousands of workers) that umbrella workers will be hit hard by the new legislation to deny them tax relief on travel and subsistence expenses, we have all tirelessly campaigned against this.  However, he is wrong to suggest that umbrella workers  are classed as ‘self-employed’ says FCSA.

Julia Kermode, CEO of the FCSA commented: “Umbrella employment provides temporary workers with all statutory benefits of permanent employment whilst enabling the worker to fulfil a series of contract positions and have their affairs managed centrally.  It is concerning that the benefits of umbrella employment are constantly overlooked and misrepresented in some lobbying and media reports.  Time and time again, UCATT works to paint an unfair picture of umbrella employment.

“For many, it is a positive choice with the continuity of employment being particularly beneficial when applying for mortgages and other financial products.  Despite their unwillingness to engage, I am still keen to open up talks with UCATT to explain the important role of umbrella employers so that we can put an end to the alarmist propaganda and negative stories we continue to read about.”