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Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA) has now finalised its investigation into allegations that Liquid Friday had made deductions for “business overheads” from its workers assignment rate without their knowledge or consent. FCSA can confirm that these allegations are incorrect.

Our Codes have, since October 2021, required that all deductions are transparently shown in KIDs, illustrations, contracts of employment and on the payslips/reconciliation statements provided to workers.

FCSA is satisfied, based on the evidence we have gathered with the full cooperation of Liquid Friday and as a result of our own investigations, that in cases where Liquid Friday did make deductions, the worker was informed via the Key Information Document (KID), the pay breakdown illustration and their contract of employment.

These deductions were therefore known in advance and agreed to by the workers affected and there is no evidence to suggest that any workers have been misled by Liquid Friday in any way, however should any new evidence to the contrary come to light FCSA will, as always, take steps to investigate.

It is worth noting that in some supply chains these “business overheads” were not applied as a result of commercial arrangements between Liquid Friday and the employment businesses they were dealing with. It is not within FCSA’s remit to comment on the make-up or application of Liquid Friday’s “business overheads”.

Whilst workers were fully informed of the “business overheads” deductions via the KIDs, illustrations and contracts of employment, FCSA have found that due to delayed software development timelines Liquid Friday did breach our Code in respect of detailing these deductions on payslips/reconciliation statements and thus Liquid Friday have been subject to FCSA’s standard disciplinary procedures and required by FCSA to rectify this breach. Liquid Friday has done so and therefore meets our requirement for full transparency with regard to any deductions made.

FCSA is satisfied that Liquid Friday are now fully compliant with our Codes and would like to reassure all stakeholders that Liquid Friday remain full members of FCSA and retain full FCSA Accreditation.