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FCSA Statement regarding Contractor Voice

FCSA is aware of an article on a contractor site, Contractor Voice, containing baseless allegations regarding one of our Members, NumberMill, and further unfounded and untrue allegations regarding FCSA’s payslip checking service and FCSA’s response to a worker.

In our view these allegations are based on poor knowledge of the facts, a lack of research and a failure to fact check or clarify. We are disappointed that at no point did Contractor Voice make any attempt to contact FCSA or NumberMill for comment, clarification or to check facts.

Furthermore, the allegations appear to be based largely on a fundamental misinterpretation of a single SafeRec payslip audit – the fact that the resulting allegations are so inaccurate is a clear demonstration of the serious limitations of an uninformed observer relying on a single payslip audit without examining or understanding the whole picture. Our full response to the allegations is included in the document attached to this post.

FCSA calls for Contractor Voice to retract the article and issue an unreserved apology to both us and NumberMill.

FCSA is committed to ensuring that our Members achieve and maintain the highest standards of compliance and observation of our Charter and Codes, and we continue to rigorously apply and examine these standards. Whilst we accept that occasional errors may occur within any organisation’s processes, and we support Members who recognise and rectify these issues in a timely and effective manner, where we find non-compliance we can, do, and will take appropriate action.

FCSA is the UK’s only non-profit membership body dedicated to raising standards and promoting supply chain compliance for the temporary labour market. Our mission is to promote industry best practice, ensuring that the whole sector raises its standards. We aim to safeguard the long-term future of the professional freelance sector for the benefit of the UK’s temporary and freelance workers and the flexibility they bring to the UK economy.

FCSA Statement