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FCSA Webinar: IR35 – the risks and opportunities for agencies and end hirers

After years of build-up, we are now just three weeks away until the IR35 reforms in the private sector will come into effect. And, they will be coming into effect; that was confirmed, albeit in the small print of the Chancellor’s recent budget announcement.

That can mean only one thing for agencies and end hirers – you need to be prepared!

To help you prepare, this is the FCSA’s third and final recorded webinar in our IR35 series to offer support and guidance to employment agencies and end hirers who are tasked with the important responsibility of ensuring compliance with the new IR35 reforms.

In our first webinar, we provided an easy-to-understand explanation of the IR35 and off-payroll reforms, how it will affect the recruitment supply chain, and what the changes will mean for employers of contractors who work through a Limited Company (PSC). As we got closer to the 6th of April, our second webinar focussed on providing agencies and end hirers with a practical roadmap to help prepare for the reforms.

In this, our final webinar in the series, FCSA Chair, Chris James looks closely at the risks of non-compliance with IR35 and off-payroll legislation for agencies and end hirers, as well as looking at the commercial opportunities for your business beyond 6th April 2021.

Watch now: IR35 – the risks and opportunities for agencies and end hirers


The webinar gives an overview of topics such as:

  • The old IR35 rules and the new off-payroll rules (public and private sector)
  • What’s an SDS and who is the end-user (are they small)?
  • Overseas supply chains
  • How agencies and end-users can become liable for taxes
  • Are blanket bans a good idea?
  • A project plan – even if you haven’t started yet
  • The importance of knowing who’s in your supply chain
  • FCSA’s summary of the new rules and how FCSA can help

Watch Now (Duration: 55 mins)

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