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GDPR – What was all the fuss about? Has anything changed?

Written by FCSA Business Partner, Jelf

Since its introduction on 25th May 2018, things have certainly calmed down, from all of those seminars; webinars; blogs; newsletters and scare tactics threatening 4% fines of global turnover.

Has the world really changed and what are companies actually doing about it?

Hopefully, by now, processes are in place to deal with Data Breaches with Data Officers in place, to police the company’s data systems, and the hundreds and thousands of pieces of personally identifiable data have been reduced to more manageable levels. Directors and Officers Liability insurance is a must, to protect the senior business leaders from prosecution under this new legislation.

As I have lived through MSC, AWR, Self-Employed, T&S, IR35 and many other pieces of legislation, have the recruitment, umbrella and payroll sectors done enough to embrace GDPR or perhaps, it will take a hefty fine to persuade the industry to get its’ house in order.

A good CRM system, cleansing of useless data, Risk Management, Cloud Technology and even some Cyber Liability Insurance may benefit most companies, but I suspect good, strong management would be better, to ensure all staff is trained and buy into the process. Are you leading by example, or just watching and waiting for the inevitable test case, when the ICO flexes its muscles?