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Labour market figures dispel media rhetoric around precarious working

ONS labour market figures out today are positive for the economy overall despite self-employment falling slightly says the Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA), the UK’s largest independent trade association whose members provide professional support services to some 120,000 freelancers and contractors.

Self-employment fell by 17k in the last quarter and temporary employment fell by 35K whilst permanent employment increased by 37K.   However, year on year the 294K increase in the UK workforce came courtesy of 209K (71%) workers in full-time employment and 86K more part-time workers.

Commenting on today’s employment figures, Julia Kermode, CEO of FCSA said: “The year on year figures show that the number of temporary employees has decreased by 22k, and that 71% of new employees are working full-time rather than part-time.  Both of these factors contradict recent media rhetoric which suggested that the UK’s employment figures are driven by increasing number of people in non-permanent, part-time “precarious” roles.  Furthermore, there was an increase of 29k people choosing temporary employment because they do not want a permanent role, which contradicts perceptions that temporary workers do not have any choice over their status.

“Despite the downturn in temporary employment we are seeing an increase of +133k year on year in self-employment which confirms that the dynamics of work are clearly changing.  Self-employed workers are key pillars of the UK economy and recent experience has shown their critical role in economic recovery so Government must ensure that they are nurtured for the ongoing stability of the workforce.”