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Employment Tribunal Process

Paul Chamberlain of JMW Solicitors, an FCSA Independent Assessor, delivers a presentation discussing the Employment Tribunal Process

Auto-enrolment to workplace pensions

Join us for a comprehensive webinar that demystifies Auto Enrolment and equips you with essential knowledge to ensure compliance. Our expert, with specialization in pensions, will provide a background and refresher on Auto Enrolment, highlighting its inception in 2012 and subsequent developments. Gain insights into key compliance aspects, including workplace pension schemes, employee contributions, and […]

Section 1 Statements & The Employment Contract

In this illuminating webinar led by Simon Bloch, Partner at JMW Solicitors LLP, we explored the world of Section 1 Statements and their impact on employment contracts. Simon, with over a decade of experience in the recruitment sector, provided valuable insights into the historical evolution of these statements, from their origins as “principal statements” in […]

Immigration – Supply Chain: Employing Non-UK Nationals

Navigate the complexities of employing non-UK nationals in your supply chain with our Immigration Webinar. Hosted by experts in immigration law, this webinar will provide vital insights into compliance, sponsorship, and workforce planning. Stay updated on the latest immigration regulations and learn strategies to attract and retain international talent. Ensure your supply chain is well-prepared […]

Holiday Pay – Pimlico Plumbers Vs Smith & Harper Trust Vs Brazel

Welcome to our insightful webinar, where we unravel the complexities of holiday pay and employment status. Join us as BDO, a seasoned expert with years of experience, provides a clear overview of key topics. He’ll delve into the Pimlico Plumbers case, dispelling misconceptions and shed light on the Harper Trust and Brazel case, offering valuable […]