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As an FCSA Recruiter Partner, your agency will commit to a PSL/ASL consisting exclusively of FCSA Accredited Members (independently vetted umbrella/accountancy partners) and will agree to the following:

  1. Legislation – Comply with all relevant legislation, including, but not limited to, ITEPA / Social Security, Conduct Regulations, Agency Workers Regulations, Equal Opportunities, Equal Pay, Health and Safety, Immigration, Asylum and Nationality, National Minimum/Living Wage, Working Time Directive, Sex Discrimination, Race Relations, Disability Discrimination, Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) / (Religion or Belief), Data Protection.
  1. Quality of Information and Support – Provide a high level of professional service and support to workers. Ensure workers are provided with transparent and impartial information to make informed decisions in the worker’s best interests, along with ongoing and clear communication throughout and between assignments.
  1. Workers’ Rights – Treat workers with fairness and transparency and not to unfairly deny any workers rights afforded to them by law.
  1. Terms of Business – Provide clear and transparent Terms of Business.
  1. Ethical and Professional Conduct – Observe the principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in dealing with all parties in the supply chain.
  1. Confidentiality – Ensure that permission has been provided to disclose a worker’s information to any third party.
  1. Communication – Endeavour to provide supply chain partners and workers with open and clear lines of communication, subject to confidentiality permissions.
  1. Preferred / Approved Suppliers – Ensure all preferred / approved supply chain partners (accountancy and umbrella providers) used by us and recommended to our workers are FCSA Accredited Members who have successfully demonstrated compliance to FCSA Codes of Compliance, having carried out their scheduled annual compliance review by FCSA approved Assessors (independent and regulated firms of Accountants and Solicitors selected by the FCSA), and whose audit reports have been submitted to HMRC in a show of complete transparency.
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