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Response to Queen’s speech

On behalf of its members who support the UK’s contractor and freelancer community, the FCSA has welcomed the Queen’s speech which in the main highlighted the Government’s intention to continue its drive to economic recovery which is critical for the UK’s future prosperity.

Commenting on the specifics Julia Kermode, CEO of FCSA said: “The Enterprise Bill will hopefully cut business regulation and make it easier for small businesses to resolve any disputes.  Planned action on late payment is particularly welcome for our sector which should give more powers for representative bodies to act on behalf of their members to challenge any unfair payment terms.

“The freezing of tax rates, VAT and National Insurance is also welcomed, a move which can only serve to help smaller businesses to thrive.

“The Immigration Bill is also good news and I support the Government’s commitment to targeting action against criminals who exploit workers.

“The FCSA also supports the devolution bills that will enable additional local powers in large cities, thereby giving communities more say in their regions.  A northern powerhouse should generate good investment and offer enormous business opportunities and jobs to boost the UK-wide economy outside of London and the south-east.

“Overall, today’s speech was positive for businesses of all sizes although I am keen to hear detail on the proposed EU referendum and hope the bill provides an opportunity for a common sense approach to UK issues.”