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This policy outlines the expectations for interacting with FCSA on social media platforms. These guidelines apply to all users, including our internal staff, members, recruiter partners, business partners, and the general public.

Prohibited Activities:

Unauthorised Advertising: Advertising by companies outside of our official Member/Recruiter network and business partnerships is strictly prohibited. This includes posting comments, links, or content promoting unauthorised services or products on our platforms.

Spam/Repeated Comments: Repeated or irrelevant comments intending to promote oneself, a business, or an unrelated topic are considered spam and strictly prohibited.

Sharing Confidential Information: Sharing any private or confidential information about FCSA, its members, employees, or business partners is strictly prohibited. This includes disclosing personal details, proprietary information, or non-public company matters.

Posting inaccurate information: Sharing knowingly inaccurate, misleading, or deceptive information about FCSA, its services, products, members, or partners is prohibited.

General Guidelines:

Respect: Treat all users with respect and courtesy, even when you disagree with them. Avoid using offensive language, personal attacks, or discriminatory statements.

Relevance: Keep your comments and posts relevant to the topics being discussed.

Accuracy: Verify the accuracy of information before sharing it. Do not share rumours, speculation, or unverified claims. If unsure, cite your sources or err on the side of caution.

Privacy: Respect the privacy of others and refrain from sharing personal information without their consent.

Compliance: Abide by the terms of service and community guidelines of each social media platform you use.

Violations of this policy may result in the following consequences, depending on the severity of the offence:

Deletion of comments: Comments that violate the policy will be removed.

Reporting to the relevant platform: FCSA may report posts as abusive or spam to the relevant departments of the platform. This may result in action against your account on that platform.

Profile bans: Repeated or severe violations may result in temporary or permanent bans from relevant social media profiles managed by FCSA.

Exclusion from in-person events: In serious cases, individuals may be barred from attending in-person events hosted by FCSA.

Termination of Partnership or Membership: In serious cases, where the reputation of FCSA has been affected by malicious comments, or indeed the industry has been brought into disrepute, FCSA may begin a formal investigation for breach of the FCSA Charter or Terms & Conditions. The result of this may lead to suspension, or in extreme cases, termination of Membership or Partnership. 

Legal action: FCSA reserves the right to pursue legal action in cases of deliberate misinformation, impersonation, harmful activities, or where fit.