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Tax efficient protection for your contractor and company director clients

As you’ll be well aware, when you work for yourself, you no longer automatically enjoy the financial security that being employed affords you; from sick pay to pension provisions and death in service benefits.

This means that the onus now lands firmly with your clients to financially protect themselves, their loved ones, their business and their future. Of course, this has a cost, as with all protection products, but there is one tax efficient benefit afforded by HMRC to limited company directors and their employees; it’s called Relevant Life Insurance.

What is Relevant Life Insurance?

Relevant Life Insurance is a policy that affords contractor’s and limited company directors the same benefits that big businesses enjoy. It’s essentially a life insurance policy that is taken out by a limited company director to provide a ‘death in service’ benefit for themselves or an employee. Though it’s paid for by an employer, the policy pays out directly to the employee’s beneficiary in the event of their passing.

How is it different from ‘regular’ Life Insurance?

There are many similarities between Relevant Life Insurance and ‘regular’ Life Insurance, as both policies will pay out to ones family when the policyholder passes away. The difference being that Relevant Life Insurance is designed as a benefit for contractors. It’s a tax efficient way to pay for life insurance as, instead of paying for it out of post-tax income, Relevant Life Insurance is paid for through the limited company as a business expense – saving money.

The benefits of Relevant Life Insurance

  • Covers the ones you love – Just like regular life insurance, Relevant Life will pays out a tax-free lump sum to beneficiaries in the event of the policyholders’ death.
  • Reduces tax – As the premiums are paid for out of the business and not the policy holder’s pocket, tax is immediately saved.
  • Not a benefit-in-kind – It’s not treated as a benefit-in-kind, which means it doesn’t have to be included as a P11D benefit or have tax paid on it.
  • Pension pot is untouched – The policy does not count towards the lifetime allowance for pension purposes.
  • No National Insurance to pay – The premiums are not subject to national insurance payments for the employer or employee.
  • The savings can be great – Let’s say you or your client currently pays £100 per month for life insurance out of their own pocket. If you or they are a 40% taxpayer, add income tax, 14% national insurance contributions and, after the 19% corporation tax relief, the net cost to the company works out at £158.93 per month for the policy to be paid for personally. Instead, if you £100 is paid per month for a Relevant Life Insurance policy, the national insurance, income tax and corporation tax is taken away and the cost of the premium changes to £81 per month. That’s a saving of £77.93 a month. Watch the short video below for more information.

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We understand that insurance is considered a grudge purchase but it is often the case that contractors and limited company cirectors are the primary earners in their family, making protecting the financial future of their loved ones vital. To be able to do this tax efficiently is a benefit that not everyone is aware of that can save hundreds from an annual life insurance policy. Find out more below.


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