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The FCSA announces launch of revised Codes of Compliance

We are pleased to announce the launch of the FCSA’s revised Codes of Compliance (the “Codes”), outlining the most rigorous industry standards expected from member firms.

This latest comprehensive review has made the Codes tougher and even more transparent, providing added assurance for agencies, end hirers, and contractors.

Extending to over 540 areas of evidenced-based assessment, that are undertaken by independent and regulated accountants and solicitors, the FCSA Codes continue to set the benchmark for best practice compliance and ethical standards in the industry.

The FCSA Codes – what’s changed?

In this video, FCSA Chief Executive Phil Pluck explains the review process, the continued independence of the assessment process, and highlights the key changes.

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Video Transcript

In addition to the Code revisions, the FCSA has also introduced. new pre-requisite and due diligence checks for all new applicants that must successfully be passed before progressing to the accreditation assessment process.

Fully published Codes for complete transparency

The Codes are published on our website so that any agency, end hirer, or contractor can see exactly what our members are assessed against. You can view them here:

“The most comprehensive and compliant set of evidence-based standards now exist in our sector. No one else in the sector can give contractors or the supply chain this level of assurance,” said FCSA Chief Executive, Phil Pluck.

How this applies to new applicants and current members

The revised FCSA Codes will apply to all new applicants from the 26th May 2021 and to current FCSA members from the 1st October 2021.

The latter is to enable our independent assessors to evidence test current members against the newly revised codes.

If you require a copy of the previous Codes, please email: