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To brolly or PSC? – That is the question

I can only apologise for misquoting William Shakespeare, but in what has been a year where we remember the bard’s great works, 400 years since his death, it’s also a year where the death of the umbrella was predicted by those who doth complain too much!

Whilst umbrellas have not become extinct and the massive rush to offer PSC solutions for workers has not been absolute, there has been posturing and planning by the reputable to do the right thing. This has led to some traditional and hybrid offerings to the UK workforce across many sectors.

The challenge as we see it is to ensure that any umbrella worker, or those contractors operating through their own PSC, is provided with insurance that can be evidenced and verified simply to any third party who requires sight of same. We can offer an unrivalled suite of options to best suit you and your workers.

Those operating within the umbrella and PSC sectors know that the changes that have taken place of late will again come under the microscope from government. With all that is put before you, flexible insurance will be key.

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