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Umbrellaphant receives FCSA Accreditation

Umbrellaphant is the latest firm to achieve FCSA Accreditation for umbrella employment services.

In order to become a fully Accredited Member, Umbrellaphant has undergone a rigorous auditing process by independent and regulated accountants and legal professionals to ensure it adheres to the FCSA’s stringent Codes of Compliance.

Umbrellaphant offers temporary contractors a compliant and secure way to get paid when working through an agency. They have been providing payroll support to contractors and agencies for more than 20 years, delivering a leading umbrella employment service by making sure their clients have access to advice, knowledge and support they need.

Commenting on receiving the news that the company has achieved FCSA Accreditation, Umbrellaphant Managing Director Becci Wilson said: “We are delighted and proud to have achieved FCSA Accreditation. Having passed the rigorous assessment is a testament to our commitment to compliance.

“Compliance is at the heart of what we do, and we are delighted to see agencies now recognise having an FCSA Accreditation as a prerequisite for companies they work with,” added Becci.

“Umbrellaphant has always put compliance and service at the top of the list, and we look forward to providing our first-class umbrella service to many agencies and contractors.”

FCSA’s Chief Executive, Phil Pluck added: “FCSA Accreditation is not an easy process and I would like to congratulate the Umbrellaphant team for meeting the extremely high standards required to become a fully Accredited Member. I am delighted to welcome them to our fast-growing organisation, and we look forward to working together.”

For more information about Umbrellaphant, visit our Directory of Accredited Members.