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FCSA Forum 2023 | Brabners | Data Protection Update

This presentation delves into the critical realm of data protection, steering away from the usual chatter about holiday pay. As legal professionals navigating the complexities of employment law, we recognize the growing importance of safeguarding personal information in an era marked by increasing data breaches.

Our team, adept at regulatory assessments, extends its expertise beyond the boundaries of employment law, encapsulating the broader legal landscape. We stand as a comprehensive law firm, epitomized in today’s discussion on data protection updates.

Why the spotlight on data protection? The landscape is evolving, witnessing a surge in claims, particularly from umbrella clients. The rationale is clear – these entities’ vast pools of sensitive data make them lucrative targets. The rise in data subject access requests is palpable, with 15,848 complaints handled by the ICO in the last year alone.

Navigating this dynamic scenario requires vigilance. The regulatory framework is tightening, and businesses must stay attuned to the nuances of data protection legislation. The looming spectre of potential changes post-Brexit adds another layer of complexity.

Recent enforcement actions underscore the stakes involved. Meta, encompassing Facebook and Instagram, faced a staggering fine of 650 million Euros, highlighting the severe repercussions of data breaches. Similarly, the Interserve Group’s 4.4 million-pound penalty is a cautionary tale, emphasizing the need for robust cybersecurity measures.

Our commitment to keeping you informed remains unwavering as we traverse the evolving landscape. Join us on this exploration of data protection intricacies, where knowledge and vigilance are your allies in safeguarding against the ever-present threats in the digital age.

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