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FCSA Forum 2023 | Credas | How to onboard contractors like superstars, not suspects

In this insightful presentation by Rhian and Louis from Credas, delve into the ever-evolving landscape of Right to Work legislation. Exploring changes over the past year, the discussion touches on Creed Dass’s innovative digital solutions, born out of the need for efficient onboarding.

Discover the critical intersection of Right to Work regulations and modern slavery, with a focus on government initiatives. Marie and Louis share expertise on the nuances of compliance, providing clarity on legal obligations often misunderstood in the corporate world.

Learn about the three distinct methods for Right to Work checks: manual, remote, and the Home Office online service. Gain valuable insights into the penalties for non-compliance and the increasing fines issued by the government. This presentation is a must-watch for businesses aiming to stay ahead in ensuring both compliance and ethical employment practices.

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