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FCSA Forum 2023 | FreeAgent | Solving the digitisation challenge for contractors.

Experience the digital revolution with FreeAgent’s captivating presentation on the profound impact of digitalization in the accounting landscape. Delivered by an industry expert, this thought-provoking session navigates through the transformative power of digital assets, AI, and mobile technology. Witness how FreeAgent is reshaping the narrative by seamlessly integrating bank feeds and a cutting-edge mobile app to simplify bookkeeping for clients. Uncover the strategic onboarding approach, assuring both clients and staff that adopting digital tools enhances efficiency without compromising job security. Dive into the future, exploring how AI and machine learning are set to automatically code a substantial portion of bank transactions. Gain insights into the broader implications of digitalization on business processes and client interactions. This presentation goes beyond financial metrics, emphasizing the evolution of accountancy towards meaningful client engagements and business development. Join FreeAgent in unlocking the full potential of digital technology for a progressive and streamlined accounting experience.

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