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Exchequer Solutions
Exchequer Solutions

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Reg. Name: Exchequer Solutions Ltd
Accredited for: Umbrella Employment, Self-Employed and CIS Contractor Provider

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Exchequer Solutions

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About Us

Exchequer Solutions is a commercial contracting company that has provided responsive and personalised business services to recruitment agencies and contractors throughout the UK. We have a wide range of national clients in sectors including construction, technical, engineering, IT, commercial, driving and education.


Many of our staff are from recruitment backgrounds themselves, we know how much time can be spent dealing with pay queries, paperwork and questions from your workers over rates, expenses and compliance. It can feel like time wasted and we recognise that this can take you away from the tasks you really want to focus on. We aim to save you time so you have more of it to focus on priorities such as bringing on new business and sourcing the perfect candidates.


With all of this in mind, we have worked to ensure we offer a range of services to meet the needs of our recruitment agency partners. When you refer your workers to us we will take care of ensuring they are paid on time and meet all their tax and NI obligations. We offer a range of different schemes so whether you are referring low paid workers or independent contractors, on higher rates, who aren’t subject to SDC, then we can support you and them.


These include:


  • PAYE – Our PAYE service will take care of paying lower-paid workers who don’t routinely claim expenses
  • Umbrella – Our Umbrella service offers workers the benefit of a continuous employment contract
  • CIS – The scheme for construction workers. Ideal for workers in this sector who aren’t subject to SDC.
  • Freelance – This service offers complete flexibility along with public liability and professional indemnity insurance as standard
  • Outsourced Payroll – So you never have to worry about payroll again! We can tailor a package to suit your requirements.


Umbrella companies for recruitment agencies are all different. We seek to offer the highest possible levels of service to our recruitment partners. Our agency clients are each assigned a dedicated and knowledgeable account manager. Your account manager will be on hand to assist you, whether you want to add a new starter, seek clarification on payments made, or need guidance on compliance, changes to regulations or tax legislation.


We offer a high level of service to all of our contractors whichever scheme they register for. We will ensure they are paid on time and will deal with any queries they may have promptly, which will in turn free up your time to focus on recruiting.

Exchequer Solutions Contact
Tony Burton
01244 500 190
Mike Lowndes
01244 500 190