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Reg. Name: MainPay Ltd
Accredited for: Umbrella Employment

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About Us

MainPay specialises in employing Temporary Workers (contractors) and providing their services to Recruitment Agencies and End-Clients. By operating efficient, quality-controlled processes, we deliver savings of both time and money to both our business partners and employees. Recruitment Agencies can focus on their core activity of finding placements for our employees, while our employees can rest assured that they will receive complete employment rights and statutory entitlements along with access to our range of employee benefits.

Our company mission of developing close and sustainable partnerships with our clients has allowed us to successfully employ temporary workers and provide services to UK businesses across all sectors and industries since 2006.

MainPay invests heavily in bespoke systems to flexibly adapt to our ever-changing environment, whether those be legislative, compliance requirements or to facilitate a request from our clients.

We are very proud to have undergone and passed the rigorous assessments of the FSCA and pledge to uphold a compliant and robust service to all our clients and employees.


Benefits of using MainPay


  • On time, same-day payments.
  • Payslips emailed at the time of payment.
  • Workplace Pension Scheme for qualifying employees.


  • Close, established relationships with hundreds of recruitment agencies.
  • A single, continuous employment for all your assignments and placements from any number of different recruitment agencies.
  • A single point of contact for all your contracting employment and tax needs


  • Full UK tax record and compliance with tax and employment legislation.
  • Full UK employment rights and statutory entitlements including Holiday, Sick and Maternity/Paternity pay.
  • Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability and Public Liability Insurance.



  • MainPay Mobile - our free mobile phone app designed to save you time by giving you access on the go.  View your Financial Position and payslips at your convenience. 
  • 24-hour online access to your MainPay account, including your financial profile.
  • Personal, professional and friendly support from Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm with no automated calls.
MainPay Contact
David O’Dea
Dan Nuttycombe