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Reg. Name: MyPay Limited
Accredited for: Umbrella Employment

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About Us


Whether you are a contractor looking for an Umbrella Company or a recruitment agency looking for a reputable payroll provider, MyPay is the perfect choice.


Established in 2007, MyPay was set up with a clear vision, to provide a compliant, easy to understand, professional and friendly Umbrella Company for all parties. 


With a personal Account Manager allocated to each new member providing help and guidance throughout their assignments, members can be sure of building a valued and trusted relationship with MyPay throughout their employment.


MyPay’s nationwide agency team can provide updates and training on any new legislation which impacts contractors, agencies and end clients, as well as providing office visits to ensure the smooth running of the day to day account. As an FCSA Accredited Member you can trust that MyPay are compliant in all aspects of our service and can provide the supporting documentation needed for any agency/ supply chain audit.


Due to our levels of service, MyPay has achieved growth year on year and have won multiple awards during this time:


  • 2015 – One of Thousand Companies to Inspire Britain (London Stock Exchange)
  • 2016 – One of Thousand Companies to Inspire Britain (London Stock Exchange)
  • 2017 – Thousand Fastest Growing Companies in Europe (Financial Times)


Benefits of MyPay


  • Quick and easy set up procedure (can be done within the hour)
  • Competitive margin
  • All payments made via FastPay (ensuring funds are paid in the shortest possible time)
  • Multiple payrolls per day
  • Full account managed service
  • FCSA Accredited Member
  • Full £21 million insurance cover (including professional indemnity and medical malpractice)
  • Full employment rights including SSP/ SMP/ SPP
  • Online portal
  • SMS notification when paid


Talk to us


At MyPay we like nothing more than talking to recruitment agencies, contractors and freelancers. Whether it is a question on the latest legislation or an accurate tailored take-home pay illustration, MyPay is here to help. If you would like to find out more, please contact MyPay on the details below.`

MyPay Contact
Stephen Hollins