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Pendragon Consultancy
Pendragon Consultancy

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Reg. Name: Pendragon Consultancy Ltd
Accredited for: Umbrella Employment, Professional Employment Organisation

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About Us

Pendragon Consultancy is a boutique consultancy leading the way in compliance and contingent employment across the contracting space.

Our compliance knowledge is unrivalled, our service first class. Six Distinct Brands | One Consultancy

Pendragon is proud to be an FCSA accredited member and still holds the record for passing in only 15 weeks, as compliance is at the heart of everything we do.

Pendragon Umbrella and Pendragon Employ PEO are our employment brands, and both are accredited by FCSA.



  • Umbrella employment
  • Umbrella with a SIPP pension (salary sacrifice) * terms apply*
  • Employ PEO (single employment offering for clients & agencies)
  • Pendragon Global EOR – “Employer of Record” services for international companies hiring in the UK
  • Pendragon Bureau – outsourced payroll processing
  • Pendragon Global IIACS- International Invoicing agent and currency service for UK businesses with non-UK clients. (Terms & AML checks*)


Benefits of working with Pendragon.

  • Dedicated relationship advisors to support you
  • First class service
  • Multiple daily payrolls
  • Agency advances at no extra cost*
  • Same day faster payments as standard
  • Online 24/7 portal access
  • £35M insurance cover – EL, PL, PI Medical MP and DNI
  • Benefits Rewards & Perks – all free to you
  • HR advice


Simplicity, efficiency, and transparency.

Pendragon Consultancy Contact
Janet De-Havilland