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Whistleblowing Hotline purpose

The whistleblowing hotline allows the reporting of suspected illegal, immoral or improper conduct, which you have reasonable evidence of.

The hotline can be used by anybody who has information about such practices by an FCSA Accredited Member. 

What this hotline should be used for

The whistleblowing hotline should only be used for reporting of suspected malpractice by FCSA members and not a complaint specific to you. If you have a complaint about and FCSA member, please use our complaints form here. 

How to make whistleblowing reports about FCSA members

You have three options when submitting a report about malpractice of an FCSA member:

1) By calling our 24/7 hotline on 0203 302 5112

2) By emailing us at

3) By sending us mail to the following address:


71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden



What will happen to your report?

Your report will initially be reviewed by FCSA’s Head of Membership & Compliance and CEO who will determine the appropriate action.


All reports are dealt with in strictest confidence, and we’ll never reveal your identity without your consent, but we will need to get in touch with you to confirm your report and to ask for any further information we might need. Please also let us have your phone number and email contact details. Please be assured that FCSA will not divulge your details to anyone without your consent, including the member you have reported.

FCSA will not share this information with any other party unless necessary and only with your consent.