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Why offer contractor benefits?

Written by FCSA Business Partner, Remus Rewards

By 2020 over half of UK companies plan on hiring more contractors than permanent staff. This will, of course, provide huge potential to the contractor market. However, this will inevitably invite more competition serving these contractors.

It will be up to the compliant, forward-thinking and transparent service providers in the industry to rise to the challenge by providing a good service that is rich in features and benefits for the contractor.

How Remus Rewards Can Help

Remus Rewards specialise in providing benefits and perks that Increases engagement and promotes our client brand values to their customers.

Using robust technology, we can develop bespoke contractor reward and loyalty schemes that help organisations to:

  • Promote brand awareness and reinforce loyalty
  • Make the organisation more attractive to new contractors and clients
  • Improve the perceived value that the organisation delivers
  • Differentiate from the competition
  • Add a high perceived value benefit, at a low per contractor cost

Our award-winning software now helps organisations to support their engagement strategies from benefit delivery and wellbeing to reward and recognition. All our solutions are competitively priced and simple to implement.

Remus Rewards, by using our Advantage shopping platform can offer a broad range of contractor perks and benefits covering everything from special rate cinema tickets, gym membership, healthcare, eating out, to discounted shopping at supermarkets, high street fashion and home electrical items.

Advantage is a fully white-labeled platform, meaning our client’s brand values are consistently promoted to the contractor. All of Advantage features are modular in design and can be included or excluded based on our client’s specific needs.

With our unique payroll model ‘Pay-as-you-Pay’, if our client launches our reward scheme across their entire contractor base, we would invoice them weekly in arrears based on the number of contractors paid each week or month, regardless of the total contractors registered with us. In principle, if you’re not paying them, you’re not paying us!

Remus Rewards is a division of People Value Limited and is currently one of the UK’s leading providers of rewards and loyalty solutions to the contractor market.

Contact Remus Rewards

If you would like more information, please contact:

Nigel Chambers, Sales Director on tel: 0845 8382 014 or visit their website.