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You’re great at finding the right people, now find the right insurance cover

In today’s complex recruitment sector a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t an option. With recent HMRC attention focusing on the freelance workforce, the umbrella payroll sector and increasingly the recruitment industry the need for a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products that fully protects your finances, business assets, employees and temporary staff has never been more important.

Risk factors that can affect your recruitment business, such as: providing unqualified or unsuitable candidates; acting outside the scope of client permitted authority; failure to ensure appropriate working environments for hired employees and vicarious liability arising out of negligent acts by temporary staff are just a number of issues where correct insurance can provide the protection you require.

With more contractual conditions being placed on agencies by the clients you serve it is becoming harder to become a preferred supplier without robust and adequate insurance. At Caunce O’Hara we have been providing bespoke insurance for the recruitment sector for over fifteen years. Acquisition of recruitment agency insurance should not be seen as a tedious task, rather an effective risk management tool that can help protect your company, attract new clients and boost turnover.

If you’d like to know how Caunce O’Hara can assist with your current and future insurance needs Adrian Stewart can guide you through your options. Adrian can be contacted by email: or tel: 0161 833 2100.